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G'Day Mates! Welcome to our Aussie website for our store, Everything Australian. We are the Hawking family, from Canberra, Australia. Mum and Dad moved the family to the states in 1986 so that the family would all be together and they could see their grandchildren here in the states. We are raising our own families in North Little Rock, Arkansas and we are here to stay. We started Everything Australian in January of 1999 because we missed the unique items that are true Australian and could not be found here. We have seen steady growth as people discover we are here and realize that they too can get what they miss most from home. The Americans are loving our products too as they love the Aussie ways. Being true Aussies, we know what products you are looking for. We have made available some of the best food and snack items, clothing and treasures from down under, just for you. We have over 1700 items on our site for your shopping convenience. Our retail shop is located in North Little Rock which is where we ship all of our products from. We hope you enjoy your shopping experience with Everything Australian. For comments or suggestions please email us or ring us up for a bit of a chin wag. Thank you for your patronage and have a bonzer day.

David William Hawking  1955-2010
David William Hawking 1955-2010

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